Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The journey

What were men, and what the Hobbits? And the Beasts, the Flies And the Worm?
What was the Wind and what was Light? Whence did All That Is, come from?
What was the journey, And, what the end?
What were the questions? And what the answers?

What was it that we feared, more than all the Darkness and Evil that Are?
Was it the Truth? For what could be darker than the Truth?
What was harder to gulp? And was there a Force that was tougher to conquer?

And what was the Revelation, but the Thing that we saw in the skies?
Who was Gandalf? Who was Albus, and who the wise men?
Who were Wizards, but mere little Men who sought the Truth on starry nights?

What was it that men sought? And, when in dark weary nights,
Whenst they peered into the vastness of the void,
What was it that they saw in the depths of the starlit space?

"I know not the Truth", Gandalf said, "I watch the Dark in Vain,
And I let the Vastness and the Void, fill the spaces in my Brain,
And I reflect and I ponder, but I know not the Timeless Truth.
And in my shameful Ignorance, I submit my pride and zeal,
To the Life which I am disposed to experience, and to feel."

"I am a speck, and what I walk on, was just another.
And in the infinite fabric of Space and Time that is, none of this counted.
But, there is my life, and there was not a Thing more Real, to me,
So is my Blood, my Skin, the love, hunger, my joy and the Pain."

"I was born, I live today, and in a meagre speck of time, I would perish.
I thrived here till yesterday,

And I did many of those Things that restless men Did,
The restless men that wished for a purpose to the speck of their lives,
A sense of meaning in the vastness and infinity, that was beyond us all,
I was not one of them, but I still did those Things, for my life was Real,
And Today, I go to this another place, And my journey goes on."

"The path is long and winding, a Destination, there is none.
But, my days here were Real to me, just as, is my Life,

And what mattered was the journey, itself."

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