Saturday, September 02, 2006

Free Man

Free-man and Bound-man walked on a piece of stone arbitrarily located at a rather unassuming spot of space in an inconceivably humungous stretch of space. And they both walked the stone everyday with an enormous sense of something in them, something that caused their dizzy brains to feign a sense of ‘purpose’ for themselves. ‘Purpose’ was the second umbilical cord that bound them to the piece of stone, soon after they stepped out into the open tearing their baby bodies off the original cord from cozy placental beds in motherly wombs and assumed the enormous responsibility of a ‘living’, without giving the rather treacherous idea, much of a thought. And then, the ‘walking’ began, soon after this umbilical cord matured and acquired its incredible strength. It was a bond that was to tie down man forever, very much like a mother’s love.

Interestingly though, brains weren’t as accidental as the stone was, and though they were bound to suffer from the inherent limitations of any systematic logical thinking apparatus, they happened to detect noise and randomness in the wilderness that IS, and the fundamental drive for consistency drove some bound-men to perform a feat, that defied the course of evolution and it was a feat the Gods were jealous of. These men ‘freed’ themselves of ‘purpose’ tearing off the fateful umbilical cord, and roamed as truly motherless orphans. They led a life where there were no nobler causes, no greater heights, no higher reasons and no sensible goals and as the cord broke, they were freed from the stone.

Free-man walked the stone and Bound-man walked it too. But, there was a difference. The Free-man didn’t belong to the stone, and hence, he really roamed the cosmos. He walked, not because he wanted to go anywhere, as to him, all directions were the same, and ends were non-existent. To him, existence was flawed and ‘wandering’ was an act of restlessness that was founded on the rational twitch that his brain once had and the consequent realization of a tragic truth that freed him off the final umbilical cord (Whenever you felt a mildly ontological rational flicker in your mind when you ‘wandered’, it was really this Free-man in you, who caused it to happen), and ironically, though being a ‘free’ man, he was sadder than the bound-man, for, he was now an orphan and he was carrying the whole weight of the tragic truth in him and he had in some sense ceased to exist. But for the walk, there was nothing real, and he sure knew that, with every step of his cosmic wander, the infinite hands of God’s great clock ticked and more importantly, so did His great ‘entropy’ meter, both in perfect unison, and so they would, till a time when all of what IS, would fade into a singularity disappearing back into the huge random fluctuation that spit us all out on one fateful moment.

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A T Nadar said...

Free-man wanders. Bound-man does other things.
Free-man "knows" there is no meaning. Bound-man "knows" other things.

So your free-man here is a peculiar variety of bound-man?