Monday, July 09, 2012

The adventures of Cumulonimbus - An incomplete story

(Started on an attempt at a tiny piece - inspired by 'the hilarious video on cloud computing'. Never managed to get back to complete this one, but just publishing this one in its incomplete status. There is scope for extension)

Thunder struck. A blinding streak of light split the skies apart, and in the fierce momentary flash, one could have barely just witnessed the darkness of the infinite space above. Yes, there was only pitch dark, but those with the trained eye could have also managed to get a glimpse of something else. Something evil enough to make you physically tremble in your nightmares - A dark figure sneaking behind a very black cloud.

Moments earlier...

Super-Villain Cumulonimbus had navigated his 'mouse' strategically into Captain Steve's jar and stolen his 'cookies' only minutes ago. He then leaped past the stratosphere on his newly engineered spy-jet and stealthily worked his way towards the information hyperspace above. The network was fibrous and its connections sticky and congested, but the newly built jet very well knew how to navigate past all that mess. He soon sneaked past all the many GIST radar systems (Google's Information Security Technology radars that had been painstakingly installed by information behemoth, Google, along the surface of Planet Earth) and finally arrived at the backdoor of the black cloud, numbered 314. Cumulonimbus then impatiently pushed a request under the door, by throwing in a few bits, and as he did, he took care to stick a cookie on the head. He then waited outside with bated breath.


Google cloud security expert Dr. Hurricane, woke up dizzily from sleep as his buzzer went off. He knew it was a rainy night, and was half expecting his buzzer to go bonkers, in case some clouds had collapsed before sufficient backup completion, but then the red light was beeping incessantly. This was threat level 0. Hurricane gasped.

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