Thursday, July 14, 2011

'A-run' on the mill poem:

A-hoy, A-run, A-hoy,
A loud mouth and a big boy,
Bitter-batter, Chitter-chatter,
(He's) A tedious communicatron,
Made of articulate matter,
But very likely a verboson.

Positively charged, but
(He's) Often barred
On touchy matters of sensation,
For fear of negative polarization.

(He) Dilates time in other frames,
(As they) Deconstruct his convoluted statements,
(And they'd) Lose their brains and their soul,
As if they were sucked into a black hole.

Talks about dark matter,
That no one likes to see,
Chitter-chatter, bitter-batter,
But that's what he'd (I'd) be.


A friend. said...

Come on, A-run, come on,
You're a gentler soul than you let on,
Little banter, you're no chanter,
Yes, you're a serious communicatron,
But equal parts a merry joker,
A poet, a scientist, a black swan!

Arun said...

Thanks :), and your poem is better than mine, Who is this?